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Friday, November 03, 2006

NaNo Writing Tip #1

Throughout November I will be posting writing related tips to help me and my fellow NaNoWriMoers through the woods.

Tip # 1 comes from Jack Bickham's wonderful WD book in the Elements of Fiction Series, Scene and Structure:
The subject is credibility. To make our fiction credible, we must remember a few simple rules:

  • Stimulus must be external--that is, action or dialogue, something that could be witnessed if the transaction were on a stage.
  • Response must also be external in the same way.
  • For every stimulus, you must show a response.
  • For every desired response, you must provide a stimulus.
  • Respons usually must follow stimulus at once.
  • When response to stimulus is not logical on the surface, you must ordinarily explain it.

Since NaNo is not about editing, store this for later and keep writing, or come back to my archive in December.

Started NaNo under the rule-bending Zokuto Clause with 18,000 words. Wordcount start of day three 25,000.