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Friday, May 05, 2006

Here Comes the Sun Porch

Burglars steal sun porch to enjoy sunshine
Fri May 5, 8:15 AM ET
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Thieves made off with a 15,000 euro ($18,910) sun porch after spying it in a shop window during the Netherlands' first week of summery weather this year, police said Thursday.
"They smashed a window to get into the shop which had a fully assembled sun lounge in the showroom. They had to dismantle it and took it away in seven parts," police spokesman Anton de Ronde said.
The 23-foot by 6-foot sun porch, designed to be attached to a house, was for sale in Apeldoorn, to the east of Amsterdam.

Isn't this going to be kind of hard to hide???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How the heck did they hide carting it off? I mean, that took time and tools. Ya think someone would have noticed!

Friday, May 05, 2006  

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