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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Slogging through the Nog

Someone is hovering around my computer. Looming is more like it. Oh look! It's the ghost of Christmas future. Very near, eighteen to twenty for dinner and fourteen overnight Christmas '06 blowout extravaganza future.
But, I am not taking the frosted and sprinkled warm gingerbread bait. I am continuing to do my book in progress for at least the next ten days on our extended NaNo December write-a-thon. That should give me a slab of story to set cooling on the windowsill over the holidays.
The website update is done, www.susangoodwill.com , the proofs of BrigaDOOM are done, the acknowledgement and dedication pages are done.
Now back to your regularly scheduled book in progress.
Today I will follow Annie Lamottt's advice. I'll just look for that one inch square of my story. Sometimes that's the only way to start.


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