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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Writer's Image

I've been thinking about the writer's image a lot lately. It's probably because I am in the throes of developing a concept for my website. I think it's kind of like decorating a house. There are two ways to go, just put in everything you love and fuhgettaboutit or develop a theme you love and work within that theme. When I write, I need to develop a theme and work within it, and the decorating I like best does the same thing. That doesn't mean you can't surround yourself with things you love. It's just that the pictures you love go in frames that match the theme, the books you love go in bookshelves that match the theme, the walls are a color that fits the theme--you get the idea.
That's what I need to do with my website. And the books I am writing have a very definite theme-- wacky, wacky town, off-kilter characters, bad acting, and a beautiful albeit decrepit old theatre to set the stage.
So, am I seeing a theme here? Stay tuned.