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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The small lake I live on is almost thawed. Maybe that's why I dreamt of snorkeling? Oh well. I digress.
This morning, the geese are back. The swans, those eager beavers, came back a week ago.
The swans always get here first. They're like those folks at a wedding that tip all the chairs up in the hall and stand there going, "These are taken." "These are taken."
They look good, but they're kind of obnoxious, if you get my drift.
So meanwhile, the geese are walking about honking their bicycle horns, going, "Where's the party?" "Is this the right room?" "Anyone seen Margie?" "You wanna sit here?" You know, like the rest of us.
And the swans have already built their nest. I can see it from my living room window. Swans are kind of obnoxious, but it's cool to see the nest already. That's the Good.
The Bad: one of my two dogs, ClaraBelle, a hound I rescued near the railroad tracks a year ago, decided to take a flying leap out on the paper thin ice. After one of the wedding guests, no doubt. Stupid me, I thought I'd let her run for a second. In The Yard.
I took her off her leash in the front yard and aimed her sixty feet away at the front door. She bypassed the door and the house completely, going somewhere around forty miles per hour, and flew out about fifty feet on the ice. The good news here is that she didn't fall in and die. That's good, right? No. Yes, I mean. I luuuve my dogs. So I am grateful. Really. But it was Bad.
The Ugly: This lake really is beautiful, but as the ice thaws and the snow melts, you can't help but notice the trash folks have thrown in the water since fall. Some of it comes from ice fishermen, but a lot of it from kids. I would really, really like the names of the kids that throw their quart beer bottles, cigarette packs, and worse in the lake. I'd like to collect all their garbage for them and return it to their own front yards-- maybe the night they move into their very first house.
That's the whine of the day. Off to write.