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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How Dumb Are We?

LOS ANGELES AP Wire - Federal authorities investigating a man who smuggled money into the country have seized 250 counterfeit bank notes in billion-dollar denominations, they announced Tuesday.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice, "A billion is a substantial number. We want to ensure that no one was duped or fleeced by the passing of these documents."
Hey buddy, can you break a B-note?
It'd make a Helluva police report, anyway.
Speaking of:
Recently I have noticed a trend in local news reports-- several robberies in the Detroit metropolitan area have been foiled when the robbers 'jailin' pants -- you know, the saggy ones where the guy's keister's hanging out-- have fallen and tripped up the suspects get away.
Gotta love Detroit.
And when you see these guys in these pants, I mean the ones not robbing somebody at the time, don't your fingers just itch like crazy to go over and give those puppies a yank?
Up or down-- you decide.
And for all you fashionistas out there-- more on the jailin' baggie-saggie trend: Is it really all gay men, trolling for a date? Or gang bangers? Or both? Ride 'em cowboy.