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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Phrase Origin Quiz

Take this phrase origin quiz from http://www.phrases.org.uk/phrase-origins-quiz/quiz.cgi

Check my comment for the answers.

1. 'A cock and bull story' originated
a.From cock fighting terminology
b.In France, with the term cock a l'ane, meaning fanciful story
c.At the Cock and Bull coaching inns in Buckinhamshire
2. 'Run Amuk' comes from
a.The Malayan word 'amok', meaning frenzy
b.The Old English for 'run a mile'
c.The Norse word 'runeamic' meaning pillage
3. 'Go off at half-cock' comes from
a.Firing a gun by mistake
b.Horse racing
c.Cock fighting
4. The phrase 'Salad Days' was coined by
a.Gertrude Jekyll
b.Noel Coward
c. William Shakespeare
5. 'Hold your horses' was
a.The last command given at the Battle of the Somme
b.An instruction given by a horse race starter
c.A line from Shakespeare's Henry V