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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm in Love-- Ode to my New MP3 Player

In Spring a woman's fancy turns to...MP3 players and www.audible.com

I just unpacked my very first MP3 player this week.
I am in love.
(Cue the sunrise, angels singing, and blooming Easter flowers, please.)
When I traveled a lot on business, I'd plan my roadtrips around Cracker Barrel locations because of their audio book rental program.
I luuuve audio books.
But now that my commute is up a flight of stairs to my attic, I don't get to listen to many.
I luuuve book books, too.
But I've discovered the same muscles I use writing all day get used reading a book.
Those would be the eye muscles and the sitting on one's big behind muscles.
I try to walk the dogs a mile or so a day for the big behind muscles.
But what about my books?
Enter my MP3 and Audible.com-- and their downloadable audio books.
I signed up for a year at Audible and got $100 credit toward my new MP3. (See it here.)
After shipping and handling, it cost cost me 38 cents.
38 cents!
You get a credit a month toward books with the Audible program I chose
(I pay $14.95/month).
I picked that plan because of the $100 toward the MP3.
And I ended up with three free credits, too.
Not quite sure how, but you can bet I'm using those puppies up.
I'm just finishing Robert McKee's fabulous book on screenwriting and writing in general: Story.
In the chute right behind it is The Devil Wears Prada.

The dogs are going to be getting a lot more walks.