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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Been in Starbucks Lately?

So, I popped in Starbucks yesterday. I sometimes go there to get out of the attic office-- or away from the library-- to slurp outrageously expensive caffeine while I write. Everywhere in the store are flashcards for Akeelah and the Bee, the new indie film by Lion's Gate (Crash and Hostel) : http://www.akeelahandthebee.com/

An article in the SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER (printed earlier this year) tells us that Starbucks is now in the movie promotion business.
But Lombard asserts that this is not like the longstanding McDonald's promotion of films in its stores through Happy Meals toys. "It is not like the typical fast food approach to entering the movie business, which is about paying for product placement," said Lombard. "Starbucks has no capital investment and we have not paid for product placement."
What Starbucks will receive in the deal, though, is striking in its breadth: an undisclosed percentage of all box office sales, merchandise sales, TV revenues and soundtrack and DVD sales -- even from non-Starbucks retail locations.

Books will follow later this year. Wow. How many lattes would I have to drink to have them carry BrigaDOOM?