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Friday, May 05, 2006

Here Comes the Sun Porch

Burglars steal sun porch to enjoy sunshine
Fri May 5, 8:15 AM ET
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Thieves made off with a 15,000 euro ($18,910) sun porch after spying it in a shop window during the Netherlands' first week of summery weather this year, police said Thursday.
"They smashed a window to get into the shop which had a fully assembled sun lounge in the showroom. They had to dismantle it and took it away in seven parts," police spokesman Anton de Ronde said.
The 23-foot by 6-foot sun porch, designed to be attached to a house, was for sale in Apeldoorn, to the east of Amsterdam.

Isn't this going to be kind of hard to hide???