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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So, let's talk about writing. Who, out there, writes an entire draft before they go back and fix things? I can't! Who outlines meticulously? I try... Anybody outline scenes using scene cards? Sort of...Do you know the end of the book before you write it? I think I do but -no.
I always intend to write a "don't look down" draft from beginning to end--straight through. It sounds so efficient.
It never works for me. About 30--then 50-- then 100 pages in, I have to go back and rewrite from the beginnning. I tweak and twist and cut and re-emphasize, then I can move forward. I am beginning to learn that every time I stall, I ought to just heave a big sigh and go back to page one, no matter how long it takes.
How about you?