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Monday, October 02, 2006

Writing Horoscopes

The wonderful Trish MacGregor gives us Writer's Horoscopes at Booktalk:
Her latest in the Tango Key series in in stores tomorrow.

Here's my horoscope, and since I am in the home stretch on Little Shop of Murders, I love it!
Virgo, August 24 - September 22. All of the activity in Scorpio this month occurs in your third house, so it’s ideal for your writing! You’re able to hunker down, close yourself off from the rest of the world, and write like a person possessed. The urge to do this begins on the 1st, with Mercury’s transit into Scorpio. Between then and the new moon in Scorpio on the 22nd, you may be searching for the absolute bottom line in whatever you’re writing. Once that new moon rolls around, you have one of those aha! moments, a creative epiphany that blows your socks off. Then, on the 23rd and 24, when the sun, Mars and Venus follow Mercury into Scorpio, you had better put up a Do Not Disturb sign. On the 28th, when Mercury turns retrograde, you dive into rewrites and this energy carries you to November 17. By then, you’re ready to take a few days off for Thanksgiving.The full moon in Aries on the 6th could present a challenge. Someone – an editor, agent, a person in sales or marketing – doesn’t see things your way. But the rest of the month is so productive, it ends up as no big deal. And by the way, checks arrive between the 1st and the 22nd.

I guess this means I should use the stars and go write!