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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nano Tip # 6

Since I am doing an unofficial NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month), I am hitting the wall a bit ahead of the WriMo folks. At 36,000 words, I have the joy and fear of the home stretch, and I'm not sure how to get things wrapped. The last few thousand words wander. They don't feel like there's much to them that I'll be able to use. A sure sign of a blind alley according to Nancy Kress in the Elements of Fiction Writing: Beginnings Middles and Ends.

A few of her suggestions paraphrased here:

Interview somebody in the field of one of your main characters.

Back up to where the scenes disappeared-- to the last place things got interesting and try a different tact from there. Yes you may lose a few thousand words but you may regain your plot thread.

Oh, and WriMo folks, if you're stuck, check out the research and plot problem threads on the Forums. There are some very cool things posted from all over the world. My fave was the helpful theatre person from the UK who answered that tryouts for certain musicals were often held in the east coast city of San Francisco.

Off to chat with the Secret Service...