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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NaNo #13

I got my first blurb yesterday, from the wonderful and talented former HotLips Hoolihan-style nurse and funny, funny mystery writer Lori Avocato! http://www.loriavocato.com/

"Love, laughter, and lots of mystery go hand in hand in Susan Goodwill's, BrigaDoom. First in the Kate London mystery series, we get to meet Kate and a ensemble cast of characters. I mean real characters like her red plaid mini skirt wearing Aunt Kitty, who you'll just fall in love with--as you'll fall head over heels for her ex-lover turned sheriff, Ben. Yum! I highly recommend this entertaining read." Lori Avocato

Verry, verry excited here!

On to the work at hand. I am still a bit stalled so I made my list last night (based on NaNo Tip # 12 below) and guess what? I think I unlocked a major plot point. God, I hope so. I've been LOSING word count. Not good.

I once heard Janet Evanovich say that she thinks of what the most outrageous thing is that could happen in her scene and then writes it that way. She said she may tone it down once she's done that, but not as often as you'd think. So I guess the tip I'm thinking of today is that we need to work to make our characters larger than life in some way. They should do the things the reader wishes they could do, experience those things, feel those things.

Happy writing!