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Friday, November 17, 2006

NaNo #15


So, do you have any secret weapons? Any items or tools that get you through the writing day, help you stay organized?
I have a few:
Sometimes I print calendars off the computer and fill in my story events, crating a timeline. When things get really complicated, I have been known to write every story event on an adding machine tape and stretch it around my office wall.
I use writing software, Dramatica Pro, and sometimes the inexpensive Write It Now, to help me when I'm stumped. Dramatica is tough to learn, but I like its story list feature that allows me to move scenes around, and somehow the questions it asks unlock something inside me. Here's a link to the twelve essential questions. It helps me get a different view of my story.
I even have speech recognition software from DragonNaturally Speaking ($99 at Costco--I have an older version) that I use from time to time. I can't seem to write with it, but I can blog with it. And I'm getting closer on the writing.
I'm using it right now. I have to correct a few things, but it really makes for word count. Something Nano-ers can appreciate!
Last thing. Sometimes it's the littlest things that mean the most. I was trying to move a block of text within my work in progress the other day. I kept grabbing too much of the text. Happens all the time. Drives me nuts. So, I went to the "help" feature in Word and found out if I click the shift key a certain way I could grab precisely what I wanted. Who knew???