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Sunday, November 19, 2006

NaNo #17 Action!

Robert McKee in his insigtful and somewhat egotistical book, Story, tells us that one of the most common errors writers make is to allow their protagonists to be too passive. He says our protagonist must convince the reader that she has the "will and capacity" to reach her goals at the story's end.
I find that often in my first draft, things are happening to my protagonist and she is reacting or witnessing events, not precipitating them. And this continues well after that first inciting incident that gets the old story ball rolling.
When I go back (and back and back) and make her more proactive, my stories start to pop with energy.

By the way, the book pictured above is great fun and one of my favorite "writing books."
Tips inside include how to turn yourself into a 'hotttie' in five minutes or less and how to strangle an enemy agent with your bare thighs...No wimps in that crowd.